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Now with 100% more deprecated tags!

This page is under construction. Oh, lordy, I missed saying that. I miss the old Internet so damn much. Hence, this static HTML website straight out of the '90s!

My name is Alyssa, but the Internet calls me Kiri. I am a lady who is female and a woman and also a girl, and I am very happy about that (as you will hear about a jillion times over if you read any of my stuff for any length of time). I am also a giant nerd, so this site will more than likely have giant nerd shit, especially related to programming, video games, and retrocomputing. Oh, and lesbianism. Lots of lesbianism.

And no, this isn't what the site's always going to look like. Expect Geocities-level visual shit to come. :D

A non-exhaustive list of crap that's gonna be on here:

If, for some bizarre twisted reason, you actually enjoy the content on here, then feel free to visit my boring-ass modern Twitter and Tumblr accounts as well. Just be warned that they're, like, super political, whereas this is going to be my happy place.

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